Harris Family Enterprises is a close-knit group of progressive companies dedicated to quality farming and food production. Our singular focus on quality and our strategic vision places The Almond Company, The Nursery Company, The Hulling Company, and Harris Family Farms among the most successful agribusinesses of our kind. Our flagship product is California Almonds, but we farm a number of crops throughout Central California.

Harris Family Enterprises

Traditional Farming Values. Innovative Quality.

Harris Family Enterprises is a vertically integrated group of successful companies that trace their roots back to Alabama during The Great Depression. It’s still a family venture, headed by third generation President and CEO Russell Harris, but the depth and breadth of this organization could never be foretold when Francis Harris moved the family to the Central Valley to start a new life.

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The Almond Company

Serving California’s almond growers and buyers around
the world.

From the fertile lands of Central California, top quality almonds come to us from some of the most successful ag operations in the region. The methods we use, from transportation to handling, ensure that our growers receive strong returns on their investment. And our buyers around the globe know that we deliver quality product to serve markets in the Middle East, Africa, India, China, South America, and Germany.

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The Nursery Company

Quality trees, expert advice, time-tested methods, and personalized support.

Nursery propagation is successful when all aspects of the growth cycle are well understood. Our team, with so many years of experience helping growers with a wide variety of orchard site factors such as soil types and water sources and quality, has helped hundreds of growers meet their goals for successful crops.

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The Hulling Company

Managing the entire processing chain for our growers.

Each year, millions of pounds of almonds are hulled and shelled in The Hulling Company plants. Plant 1 has a capacity to process 80 million pounds per season. Plant 2, with a capacity of 130 million pounds per season, is the largest individually-owned huller in the world.

Ultra-modern equipment and technology, rigorous food safety and sanitation methods, and dedicated well-trained teams are keys to our success.

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Harris Family Farms

Farming is the hub of our growing family of enterprises.

Harris Family Farms currently farms more than 11,000 acres in Central California. Almonds, wine grapes, raisins, walnuts, nursery trees, and row crops are planted, nurtured, harvested, and delivered to local and distant markets. Most of the acreage is owned and farmed directly, with about 2,000 acres managed for others. Russell Harris is involved in every key decision made at Harris Family Farms.

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